The aims and tasks of this project:

-  the primary aim of this unique project is to attract the attention of the general public to the problems of ecology in the widest and deepest sense of this concept;


-  to offer, in our view, the only right way to deal with all the global problems of today including ecological ones, the way of the ecology of consciousnes;


-  to attract attention to the problem of man’s ill-treatment of animals as well as the harmful impact of industrial livestock production on the ecology of our planet and people’s health; 


-  to popularize vegetarianism and veganism as a way of a real love of Motherland, its nature, and the responsible attitude toward ecology;


-  to give the tour participants an opportunity to get acquainted with each other, make contacts in order to consolidate our further awareness-raising efforts and map out new joint projects;


-  f or the hike participants to get the boost of energy, health and the joy of communication with each other and the unique nature of Crimea.