The mission of the project To the ecology of nature through the ecology of consciousness As we all know, the current state of ecology on our planet is deplorable. And we all know as well who is to blame for it. Homo sapiens, “wise man”, who deems himself the nature’s crown and behaves quite unreasonably toward his mother, cradle and his own home. Man’s barbarian, selfish attitude toward nature has led our planet to the gravest ecological crisis. Environmentalists raise the alarm; national governments, the UN and public organizations undertake nature protection efforts. Nevertheless, the ecological situation on our planet is quickly getting worse.

What is to be done?
It is quite clear that, first and foremost, man must change himself for the sake of positive external changes. To be more precise, what is to be changed in him is what exactly makes him a “wise man”, that is his mind, his consciousness. The very underdevelopment of man’s consciousness, his irresponsibility is the root of all modern global issues of our civilization.

The evolution of man as the biological " Homo sapiens " species was exactly the evolution of human mind. And this evolution of mind hasn’t ceased, hasn’t stopped, it’s going on. The scientific-and-technical revolution (STR) has facilitated the economic, social and cultural progress. Yet the STR has also sharpened the main contradiction that underlies all the other: the discrepancy between humanity’s material and spiritual development. This disparity requires an urgent correction. Man’s spirit, his consciousness can’t remain the same anymore, infantile, materialistic and self-centered. Humanity’s consciousness must become eco-centered instead of self-centered. 

The process of the spiritual awakening of people’s consciousness had already begun long ago and is quickly gaining pace in the whole world. More and more people realize the necessity to build up more humane and harmonious world and are working towards it.  The progressive part of humanity believes not only in that the dangerous current historical milestone of the global systemic civilizational crisis will be successfully overcome but also in that humanity will certainly rise to the new, higher stage of its evolution, whose essence is the evolution of human consciousness. This faith inspires us, the progressively disposed people, to unite our efforts and work for the good of our common Home, for the good of the wonderful future of our children, grandchildren and descendants. 


The increasing of people’s ecological consciousness, their mindfulness and responsibility is the mission of our awareness-raising project.

⁠The mission of the project